BOILED ANGELS: THE TRIAL OF MIKE DIANA Wins the Inaugural What The Fest!? Audience Award!

  First Annual WHAT THE FEST!? Wraps, Boasting Sold-Out Screenings, Special Guests, and One of a Kind Events; Frank Henenlotter’s World Premiere BOILED ANGELS: THE TRIAL OF MIKE DIANA Wins Audience Award See photos from the BOILED ANGELS World Premiere (New York, NY | April 2, 2018) What The Fest!? (, a new showcase for […]

Join the What The Fest!?ivities!

Got an eye for cinema? Post a photo to prove it.  Grab a What the Fest!? postcard at the IFC Center and Instagram it! Can’t get ’round to grab one? No worries. You print out your own eyeball at home!  Click here to download the PDF now. Upload your WTF Eyeball pics (think Amelie’s garden […]

The What The Fest!? Trailer is Here!

There’s a new festival in town! What The Fest!? is a four-day showcase of outrageous content — horror, sci-fi, documentary,  thrillers, and beyond — from March 29th through April 1st. Expect Anything! We’re happy to present the very first What The Fest!? trailer, made by Martinius Klemet. Estonia has a long tradition of animation that continues to put the […]

Five Reasons You Need CURSE OF SNAKES VALLEY In Your Life

Our fest is designed to trigger a WTF response in your brain, but perhaps the WTF-iest selection in our inaugural program is CURSE OF SNAKES VALLEY. Here are five reasons why you need to let the madness of this singular film destroy your fragile mind. Take a peek and then buy your tickets now!  1) It […]