Say Hello to What The Fest!?

Much of the most innovative and exciting cinema on screens today comes out of the entertaining, surprising and sometimes shocking universe of genre movies–fantastic films that upend conventional limitations to help us escape reality and harbor deeper ambitions to thrill smart audiences. Launched by IFC Center in 2018, What The Fest!? spotlights smart, bold and inventive films from the world of genre and beyond for an audience of the creative and curious looking for a community in which to share experiences and have a blast together. From cerebral shockers to singular cinematic moments to unforgettable special events, What The Fest!? is more than just movies, it is an experience.

What The Fest!? is an annual event taking place March 20 – 24, 2019 at the IFC Center, bringing cerebral genre films to the big screen in the heart of Manhattan. Showcasing a small range of carefully selected films from the wild side of cinema with guests and special events to highlight the films in a new way, it is the weekend not to miss for cinema lovers who are looking for the next cool thing.

Expect anything!

Click here to view highlights from the festival and check out our 2019 video recap below: