Five Reasons You Need CURSE OF SNAKES VALLEY In Your Life

Our fest is designed to trigger a WTF response in your brain, but perhaps the WTF-iest selection in our inaugural program is CURSE OF SNAKES VALLEY. Here are five reasons why you need to let the madness of this singular film destroy your fragile mind. Take a peek and then buy your tickets now! 

A pair of Curse of Snakes Valley posters portend the insanity that is this film

1) It represents Eastern European filmmaking of a particular period.

A Polish-Estonian production from the former USSR, this 1988 brain-slicer is a product of a film industry that no longer exists and which operated under its own strange rules. It’s a perfect time capsule of a creative regime many have never experienced.

2) Bloggers bless it.


While the effects are cheap the movie itself looks great. It has the excellent, arty, atmosphere only found in Polish dramas mixed with a pulpy trash aesthetics.” – Schmollywood Babylon


3) It’s often described as the “Soviet Indiana Jones.”


Most citizens in the USSR didn’t have access to Western movies, so they weren’t able to enjoy Spielberg’s adventure blockbusters during their successful runs at the global box office. This movie filled the gap, bringing out 32 million people in the USSR and Eastern Europe on its release.


4) It’s got some solid WTF moments.


If you’ve seen Soviet genre cinema in the past from the likes of Andrzej Zulawski (POSSESSION, ON THE SILVER GLOBE) or Pavel Klushantsev (PLANET OF STORMS), then you’re aware of how far out these movies can get. Combine that sensibility with a rollicking adventure story and you have one of the most unique cinematic oddities ever forged.


5) It’s never looked this good before.


This is the NY premiere of a brand-new restoration overseen by the Estonian Film Institute. Now recognized as an important cultural touchstone, the film has been cleaned up and preserved for the ages. See it the way the filmmakers always intended for it to be seen – on the big screen in the best quality possible.


CURSE OF SNAKES VALLEY screens Sunday, April 1st at 12:30 PM. Buy tickets!